Our Team


Dr. Jordan Carroll 

Dr. Jordan grew up in central Illinois. After becoming a certified nursing assistant in high school, Dr. Jordan knew that he had a passion to serve in the healthcare industry. While attending college at Eastern Illinois University,  Dr. Jordan had the privilege to work with every Division I sports team on campus through Athletic Training. It was there that Dr. Jordan got to see first hand how chiropractic can change someone's life. This led Dr. Jordan to pursue chiropractic school at Logan University in St. Louis, Missouri. 

During his time at chiropractic school, Dr. Jordan was introduced to a whole other world that chiropractic has to offer including pediatric and pregnancy chiropractic. Dr. Jordan graduated from Logan University with both a bachelors in Life Science and Doctorate of Chiropractic. Dr. Jordan and his wife Caitlin are excited to help you achieve your God given health potential.

Dr. Jordan is board certified and is a licensed chiropractor in the state of Texas. He is also a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Dr. Jordan is Webster Certified to provide care for expecting moms.



Caitlin Carroll co-owner

Caitlin grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and met Dr. Jordan while studying education at Eastern Illinois University. Growing up, she led a healthy, active lifestyle as a three-sport athlete, but stress on her spine from sports-related injuries caused substantial issues in her mid and low back. Sporadic, shooting pain and muscle spasms limited comfort and mobility for more than five years impacting her functioning at work and on the field. During her first year of teaching and season as a high school softball coach, Dr. Jordan introduced Caitlin to chiropractic care. The frequency and duration of her back pain decreased to near disappearance allowing her to fully engage with her students and athletes. After they married, Caitlin pursued consistent, principled chiropractic care and experienced the natural, drug-free, healing potential of chiropractic: increased energy, a strengthened immune system, an active life free of back pain, and, most remarkable, a regulated menstrual cycle. Chiropractic care unleashes her body’s innate ability to heal itself, sets her free from her health concerns, and allows her to charge forward in everyday life.  Her goal is to help raise a healthier generation by sharing her story of healing with those in her community. A special education teacher of five years, Caitlin has a passion for working with children and families. She is excited to pair her belief in the principle of chiropractic with her heart for empowering families through education at Invictus Chiropractic.